The Video takes Place in different Areas in Souls Area Gangnam. You can see Psy in different Tuxedos,walking and dancing across the City, The Focus is, to show him unworried,cheerful and luxurious. This will be reinforced, in showing Psy with expensive Cars, or celebrating in a Pool with a lots of beautiful Girls. The Video be an Parody of the Lifestyle, a lot of People in Gangnam live, or want to live. Also called the “Gangnam Style” .
The Video was released on Juli 15, 2012

Additional Facts

– The Video is by now (August 2016), the most watched Music-Video on Youtube.
– Gangnam Style had an huge Hype in the Pop Culture and Social Media Plattforms, with a lots of Parodys. This could be also on of the Reasons for the huge Success.

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