Phillip Atwell directed the music video on December 10–11, 2002.[27] Almost all the film footage was used in the video except for a scene where 50 Cent raps in a glass box.[28] The video is set in a fictional hip hop boot camp known as the Shady/Aftermath Artist Development Center. It begins with a black Hummerdriving to the facility at an unknown location. Video clips from Eminem‘s single “Without Me” are seen playing in the entrance on flat screen TVs. We see Eminem & Dr. Dre looking down at the lab from a lab balcony with windows. 50 Cent is introduced by hanging upside down from the roof of a gym. Atwell commented, “I think I could have done better with it, but I really liked the way that it turned out”.[28] The video also contains a shooting range, which Atwell felt was appropriate because 50 Cent had been shot nine times. He said, “creatively, I felt like we were able to put guns in a video and have it play. And I like it when you are able to play within the standards and still give the artist something symbolic of what they are going for.”[28]

The video ends with the camera zooming out of the club to reveal a two-way mirror with Eminem and Dr. Dre in white lab uniforms, observing 50 Cent and taking notes. Atwell stated that “seeing 50 with Dre and Em having his back is as big a visual statement as it is a musical statement” and the shot was significant because it made clear the club was inside the center and not unrelated performance footage.[28] On January 27, 2003, the video debuted on MTV‘s Total Request Live at number nine and stayed on the chart for fifty days.[29] It also reached number one on the MuchMusic video charts.[30] At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, the video was awarded Best Rap Video and Best New Artist and was nominated for Video of the YearBest Male Video, and Viewer’s Choice.[31] Cameos include: Dr. DreEminemD12Lloyd BanksTony YayoGame (in his first cameo appearance), Bang’ Em Smurf, Young BuckXzibit and DJ Whoo Kid.

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