The video starts with kind of VHS recordings from different people. The next scene shows Frank Ocean sitting on front on an McLaren F1 GTR. There are four types of that model visible, which slightly differ – base model and the long tail one.
He is wearing a whitish jeans/pants, white socks, brown feather jacket, a black t-shirt which with a tag containing “SP” written in cyrillic,some black nike with a white swoosh that look like nike cortez. He is holding a white plastic cup in his hand.
Then while he is saying “I got two versions”, the scene switches and shows a white-blue and a red virgin Marry figures or maybe it’s just figures of two lady of grace. They are followed by two girl, looking relatively young, in white shirts and wearing black ties, botch wearing a neckless with a crucifix / cross. They are located in a car sitting in the back and you can see the red leather seats of the front row. Because if this visualization you can play with his words – “I got two VIRGINS” looks pretty fitting to that scene. Next scene show a Mustang in the dark, probably black, driving on the road having a white nike swoosh sign on the side.
The next scene shows first a naked colored woman lying on one dollar bills. While changing perspective you see a man lying on her belly, using it as a pillow. The groin areas of both are cover with the dollar bills and the breast of the woman are also covered with bills. The director of the video is playing a lot with us in this scene. It is hard to distinguish between the man and the woman. In the beginning after switching form woman to man, you even think it’s the same person. Botch are wearing a neckless with a cross, both have a pink/rosa manicure, both wear lipgloss and have short shaved hair on their head.
Shortly after that a white naked woman with brown red hair appears on a white horse. It’s raining she is lying on the back of horse and it looks like she is enjoying the feeling. Followed by this are female and male pole dancer with angel wings in a pub/club atmosphere shown in a dark purple atmosphere with scratches in between. This could represent the viewers mental situation, like on drugs, or drunk – maybe purple drank?
Finally we see Frank driving the car. I suppose the black Mustang.

More to follow…

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