At the start you can see Katy Perry and her Indiana-Jones look-a-like boyfriend, crashing in the jungle with their plane. After the boyfriend was eaten by a tiger, it shows Katy alone, not sure if she can handle the situation. Moments later, there is a cut and you can see her strong, new dressed and motivated to overcome different adventures. This can be an interpretation, for many situations in life. Falling down and getting back up again.
The video was directed by Grady Hall and Mark Kuds and was released on September 5th, 2013.

Additional Facts

– “Roar” is by now the most succesful video of Katy Perry on Youtube with over 1,5 Billion clicks
– The video is placed in the Top Ten Most Watched Musicvideos on Youtube.
– Katys Boyfriend was played by model and producer Brian Nagel

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